Personality Types in the Workplace

Yes, we are a marketing and videography company, but another passion is adding value. While there is a lot to cover in the marketing world, anytime we come across something that has been beneficial to us, we love to share.

If you’re looking to add another layer of culture and understanding to your team, a great place to start is by getting employees to take the 16 personalities test. It’s a 10-minute questionnaire to get a “freakishly accurate” description of who your are and why you do things the way you do.

Of course, we never want to be labeled, or put in a box, but I was impressed at how well the results helped me understand myself more deeply. My results? Campaigner (ENFP).

The results give detailed descriptions personality type by managers, colleagues, and subordinates, and knowing these traits can help us better understand ourselves and co-workers. How?

Communication – Effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful team, and understanding personality types allows for a more tailored approach. By recognizing individual preferences, I can adapt my communication style to resonate with each team member.

Conflict Resolution – Conflict is inevitable in any workplace, but knowing my team’s personality types equips me with valuable insights for resolution. Some team members may confront issues head-on, while others prefer a more diplomatic approach.

Leveraging Strengths and Weaknesses – Let me brag on my strengths, then cringe and discuss my weaknesses. Okay, so Campaigers have some really cool strengths, like being curious, perceptive, enthusiastic, and hey, I could talk about strengths all day. But what really was vauable was seeing my weaknesses, and moving forward with a vigilant eye to such weaknesses as being unfocused and disorganized, and restless. These traits fit, and seeing my areas for improvement easily give me awareness, and a great roadmap for opportunities for improvement.

With a nuanced understanding of my own personality type and my co-workers personality types, we can navigate our challenges more effectively and capitalize on all of our unique contributions.

I highly recommend taking the quick test, and making it an initiative to your team to do so as well. Maybe have a quick meeting to go over the results. It might be a tall task to completely recall each person’s full description on the spot, but imagine if you had a ‘cheat sheet’ to reference with 10 of the people you interact with the most – Bulleted workplace habits, strengths and weaknesses. Reference it before assigning project roles, before tough conversations, or even just monthly to ensure you are getting the best from your team.

Delving into the world of personality types has been an eye-opening journey. As I reflect on the insights gained, I’m reminded of the immense value of understanding the intricacies of human behavior within a team setting. We had fun with this, and I hope you and your team can have a bit of fun and really put the insights into practice and better understand each other.