Email Marketing

email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful marketing strategy because it sends your message directly to a customers inbox. Not only is email great for lead generation, but it increases customer engagement and retention. Communicating with your existing customers is an important part of the sales funnel to retain customers and keep your brand top of mind.

Email marketing plays this role so your customers are more inclined to purchase from you again and refer you to their family and friends. Ascent Digital will help you to personalize your brand message and stand apart from the crowd with spam free subject lines and high quality content. Need new customers, no problem! We have a large database to get in front of your target customers to increase sales.

email marketing

Email marketing promotes engagement, which helps you acquire new consumers and reclaim old ones. Cart abandonment emails, for example, turn missed opportunities into opportunities for deeper customer relationships and more conversions. Consumers today want customization, and email is the best way to deliver it. Email fosters deeper consumer ties and increases brand loyalty. 

Ascent Digital’s staff can help you stay top-of-mind with your current consumers so they keep choosing your brand over the competition. We’ll design email newsletters, compose engaging content and subject lines, and assist you in fine-tuning your pipeline to move customers farther down the sales funnel.

email Blasts

Ascent Digital has a database comprised of 140 million available emails, allowing for some of the most exact audience targeting available today. All of these emails are 100% CAN-SPAM compliant and follow all DMA guidelines, meaning that users opt-in. 

We use best practices to ensure that engaging and responsive emails are sent to all devices, increasing engagement rates. Our mailing systems take advantage of a variety of IP addresses, servers, and software to optimize campaigns for maximum inbox delivery. We promise enhanced click-through rates, traffic, and conversions. We have a quick turn-around time and provide in depth analytics to view open rates and click through rates.

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