Website Design

Website Design

Given the amount of time individuals spend on the internet, businesses should be too. Having a strong online presence is crucial and a website is how customers find out more information and differentiate you from your competitors. Some businesses still don’t recognize that the bulk of their clients will check their website before making a purchase in this day and age. To grasp the significance of the website, consider the current market, where 85 percent of people worldwide undertake online research on the product or service they desire before purchasing it, according to a Google survey. A website is the base of all advertising and how you get found online, without this you are non-existent.

Ascent Digital creates custom, search and mobile friendly responsive websites to help your business construct an online presence. All of our sites are built with WordPress ensuring a modern, easy to navigate design. We will optimize your site for better rankings and set you up for success the first time. We offer a wide variety of web design services to match your business goals; templated and custom websites, e-commerce, landing pages, and website development.

We host your site, provide regular updates, and allow you to make limitless modifications to the content. Our team recognizes that running a business takes a lot of time and effort, therefore we make it simple to update your website so that customers stay up to date on your services and offerings. Every build includes an SSL certificate, which boosts SEO and protects consumer data when filling out forms or making online payments. To avoid downtime, our fully responsive web team will assist you with any issues that emerge during the building and hosting of your website.

The best advantage to working with us is that you own the rights to your website!

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