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Ascent Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency with over 50 years of combined marketing experience under our belts. We believe in going above and beyond for our clients in more than just digital marketing. We will do our best to help meet any need your business has.

Ben Sorensen
President / Owner

Ben Sorensen is the Founder and President of Ascent Digital, host of the Chasing Greatness podcast, 2022 Entrepreneur of the Year award winner, ultra runner, and keynote speaker. With a BA in Marketing and over 15 years of experience helping businesses grow through strategic digital marketing, Ben has a passion for empowering individuals and organizations. Ben has made a career out of leveraging the power of digital marketing to help small businesses achieve success. While chasing greatness, Ben is taking his expertise a step further - transforming the way people perceive leadership, authenticity, and personal growth. When he's not helping businesses grow he is enjoying raising his 3 kids on their Colorado ranch!

Brittany See
Vice President / Owner

Ascent Digital's Vice President and co-owner is Brittany See. She has a BA in Psychology and a minor in Biology from FLC. Despite having no prior experience in digital marketing, she has quickly ascended to the top of the field in the last five years. Brittany began her career as a Digital Sales Representative at another agency, then quickly advanced to managing a team of six before assisting in the founding of her own agency. She now understands every facet of digital marketing strategy and campaign execution. She oversees Ascent Digital's operations and is continuously on the search for new knowledge in order to stay current with industry trends. She considers owning a business to be the most satisfying decision she has ever made. She spends her free time hiking, playing disc golf, snowboarding, and doing yoga.

Peyton Rutkowski
Videographer/Production Manager

Originally from Aurora, CO, Peyton is our lead Videographer/Photographer (and resident reel expert)! When not at work, Peyton enjoys playing with her dog Bentley, making candles, and playing hockey. Her favorite part about working at Ascent is the environment that values both success and culture!

Quinn Chody

Originally from Tyron NC, Quinn is Ascent Digital’s new videographer/photographer!! When not at work you will find Quinn skiing, hiking, biking, camping and traveling! His favorite part about working at Ascent is the team we have and the wide variety of clients we get to work with!

Chase Noland
Account Executive

Chase is our Account Manager with 8 years experience in Account Management and Marketing. He's originally from Indiana where he played rugby for Indiana University. After college he moved to Aspen, CO working with Ski Co. and the X Games in their marketing and guest services departments. Afterwards he moved to Sata Cruz, CA working with luxury hotels and local surfboard manufacturers. When he's not working he loves to hike, run, snowboard, surf, and travel to nearby national parks.

" Working for Ascent Digital is great because we all have the same vision. Do GREAT things, go above and beyond, and be the leaders in our industry. We all use each other's strengths to give the best value to our amazing clients. "

Brian Krejci
Content Marketing Specialist

Ask Brian what he brings to the team here at Ascent, and his modest response might be something like, "Decent writing, editing...some strategy." This humble statement would be a restrained minimization of his talents. We are thrilled to have somebody who brings not only high-caliber writing, but also creative strategy and a keen eye for design and production. Blessed with a natural marketing mind and talents, he has 3 years of experience designing sales funnels and creating the content at each level of the customer journey. His kids have flown the nest, and he landed his dream mountain home here with his wife, Buffy, last year. Brian and Buffy love travel and adventure, and he would be upset if I didn't mention that his fried cauliflower street tacos are the best you will ever have.

Robel Taylor
Creative Director

Robel is Ascent Digital's Creative Director. He helps our clients to establish and strengthen consumer connection by creating an effective marketing/brand strategy to keep their brand consistent throughout all marketing aspects.

He has excellent design skills in graphic, environmental, stage, product, web design and conceptual solutions by using the creative processes. Robel has over 20 years of design experience and has developed more than 100 brands. His creative work cuts through the noise online and helps our client's stand out from their competition.

Kory Samson
Website Design / Development

For over 25 years Kory has been a sales and marketing professional and, for the last 10+ years, he has specialized in internet marketing, WordPress development, and website design. When he's not behind the keyboard, he can be found enjoying the outdoors with his family, river surfing, kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, or otherwise trying to get outside to play in Durango. His favorite thing about his work with Ascent Digital is helping clients to take their business vision and marketing goals and bring them together in the form of a user friendly, hard working, and modern website.

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