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video production

Video content marketing can provide you a tremendous advantage over your competitors by advertising a product or service, increasing consumer interaction, or growing your social media reach. Video is a tried-and-true method of cutting through the clutter and ensuring that your customers remember what they watch. This increased brand knowledge and recognition will help your brand stick in the minds of your customers over time, influencing buying decisions. 

Ascent Digital has a full production team that will create high quality promotional videos to make you a distinguished local business. Our team creates the video concept, hires actors, writes scripts, produces, films and edits; giving you a finished product that you are proud of. Check out the benefits of using professional video production below.

Videos are short, easily-digestible and entertaining which enables you to condense complex information into quick, simplified pieces that are easier to recall.

Since Google owns YouTube and YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, videos have received a significant increase in how they affect Google and Facebook’s algorithms. In fact, if you place a video on your site’s landing page, you’re 53% more likely to rank on the first page of Google because users will be spending more time on your page, influencing key metrics like increasing session durations and decreasing bounce rates.

Video will generate more traffic, more clicks, and is even known to boost conversions up to 80%.

The level of emotional connection and knowledge that resonates with us is enhanced through video. Customers build trust when they recall and engage with content, which is why videos are useful in the decision-making process because it humanizes your brand. In the eyes of your customers, putting a face on your brand can make it more relatable, honest, and trustworthy. They’ll develop a stronger bond with your brand.

video advertising

Using video ads, you can grab the attention of prospects with easy to consume and digestible content that is versatile on all advertising platforms. Ascent Digital offers several video advertising options to get you in front of your exact target audience and make an impact.

Pre-roll Video

On most websites, if you click on a video you want to watch, you will be forced to watch a promotional video before that featured video. That promotional video is called Pre-roll video advertising and it is typically :10, :15 or :30 seconds in length.

Pre-Roll Video increases favorability, boosts brand awareness and engagement and drives intent to purchase advertised products or services. Pre-roll offers robust targeting options based on video topics, interests, online behaviors, demographics, and geographic areas.

Streaming TV

Streaming TV advertising is videos delivered directly to viewers over the internet through streaming video services or devices. This can be through Smart TV’s, Pucks, sticks, or dongles (Apple tv, Amazon fire stick, Roku), gaming consoles, or laptop and tablets.
See increased engagement rates because your ads are more relevant to your target audience. Placing your ads on Streaming TV platforms offers greater measurement and real-time data, allowing you to make more informed strategic decisions.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube advertising is a pay-for-placement system that allows advertisers to serve targeted advertisements to YouTube's over 2 billion subscribers. These advertisements can appear before or during the requested video starts playing.
YouTube has 2 billion users and reports a 40 minute average session time per user. YouTube advertising is cost-effective, highly targeted, less saturated, and offers dynamic reporting.

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