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Music is everywhere in today’s society; Audio is how people consume media on the go and we are fully immersed in it. Audio advertising is the distribution of ads in audio format through online streaming platforms like podcasts or music streaming apps (pandora, spotify, etc.). Typically the ads play between songs. 

Over social media, online games, and online video, streaming audio is the most popular way to spend time online. Streaming Audio is one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies today. This tactic is great for brand awareness and engaging your listeners. Traditional Radio advertisements are often expensive and cast a wide net; you reach a large portion of the general public and cannot accurately track how many people heard your ad. We help you serve audio ads to relevant geographies, time slots, and audiences to narrow in on relevant prospects and provide dynamic reporting to keep track of important metrics such as completion rate, clicks, and conversions.  

Benefits of Streaming Audio Ads

Advanced Targeting

Targeting includes demographic, interest, geolocation, device type, genres, playlists, and more.

Reach your audience on the go

Reach your audience wherever they are: at the gym, cleaning the house, on a hike, working at home, and so on. Digital audio fills the gaps when consumers aren’t looking at their devices but are still listening to content.

Increased engagement

Streaming Audio Ads have high engagement and listen-through rates. Because listeners only hear (or engage) one audio ad at a time, audio commercials are difficult to avoid and easily absorbed.

Streaming audio ads

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