What is Location-Based Targeting?

Based on the Device ID assigned to each individual device, mobile phones provide a unique look into user behaviors, frequently visited areas, home, work, hobbies, interests, and more. Geo-fencing is when you use your mobile device to target potential clients based on a certain location. This location-based targeting allows you to target the Device ID on potential customer’s mobile devices based on their present location or previous location.

Location-based targeting allows you to target current customers who have visited your business location in the past and target prospective customers who have previously visited your competitor locations or associated locations. We can look back on devices 12 months in the past and collect data from these devices in your chosen locations to help you narrow in on your exact target audience for all Digital campaigns.

benefits of Location-based targeting

Device ID targeting allows you to target the right people, at the right time in the right location. This type of advertising increases engagement and boosts conversions by targeting people that were in your business, a competitor location, or in a location that is relatable to your business and where your ideal customer would be. 


If someone has visited your business before or a competitor’s location, they are a direct consumer and should be retargeted. If a business doesn’t gather contact information from customers, location-based targeting can help them re-engage with customers who have previously visited and keep your business top of mind for returning customers. Also, if someone has visited your competitor location, you already know they are in the market for your services so if they get familiar with your brand and have had a bad experience with your competitor, they could become a future customer. Retargeting your competitor’s customers is called conquest visitor targeting. 


Customers within a specified radius of your business might also be targeted at specific times of day. For example, if you run a restaurant downtown and want to promote a lunch special, you can send ads to devices within the vicinity from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to persuade people to dine at your restaurant for lunch.


Device ID can also be used to serve ads or collect data from relevant locations to your business where your ideal consumer would be. If you own a golf merchandising business, for example, you could target every golf course in the local area. You’d be able to gather demographic information on these potential consumers to use in your marketing campaigns, or you could serve them ads to entice them to become customers.

Robust Targeting Options

Other than location, we can also target consumers based on demographics such as age, HHI, gender, ethnicity, interests, and charitable behaviors, as well as company names and categories such as outdoor stores, jewelry stores, petrol stations, colleges, gyms, hotels, and so on.

Cookieless Targeting

Because a person's mobile device is with them the majority of the time, Device IDs provide more accurate and reliable information. No cookies are required to use the data obtained from Devices in a specific location in other digital campaigns to ensure we are targeting the proper customers.

efficient measurable solutions

We can correlate the consumer's unique device with a residential address in order to collect profile data on those potential customers in order to build an audience insight report. This enables us to send relevant and tailored brand messages and offers across all advertising campaigns.

location-based targeting

Types of Location-Based Targeting

Device ID Targeting

We can target customers on their devices based on past locations they have visited, which can be as recent as 3 days or as far back as 12 months. Increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns by collecting information about your target customer.
With Device ID, we draw custom polygons around various locations to target users who have been in those areas within a specified timeframe.


We target users on their devices based on specified locations they are in real time. This type of geo fencing is accurate and helps you catch your customers at the right time.
We create a radius around specific locations and serve real time ads to devices in that radius using the GPS coordinates of their device.

Address Match Targeting

We target all devices within individual households and businesses. Address Match is a great replacement for direct mail and is cost effective compared.
Each street address entered into our system is transformed into a geofence, allowing you to efficiently and precisely target consumers at each physical address.

Why work with us

Many competitively supplied location-based targeting tactics rely on assumptive data to verify user location information. Our Device ID data is unique, uses polar coordinates, and isn’t put into a data pool until it’s been verified as authentic.

To create the Audience Insight Report, we go above and beyond by linking devices to home addresses and matching that data to publicly accessible information about the people who live in those houses. We utilize the demographic data collected in the Audience Insight report to target a relevant target audience with direct messaging.

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