How To Collect Customer Testimonials: 8 Strategies

In today’s world, traditional business communication like marketing and advertising just has to be supplemented with customer reviews and testimonials. With a staggering 55% of consumers admitting they no longer trust companies, the power of word-of-mouth recommendations and testimonials from loyal customers has never been more crucial. According to research, a whopping 79% of shoppers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
So, how do you harness the persuasive power of customer testimonials? Here’s the lowdown:

Get the timing right: Choose the opportune moment to ask for a testimonial, ideally after your customer has experienced success with your product or service. Whether it’s hitting a milestone or achieving their goals, ensure they’re in a positive frame of mind when you pop the question.

Give customers a reason to say yes: With overflowing inboxes, you need to stand out. Provide an incentive or craft a compelling request email to entice your customers to share their experiences.

Provide multiple options: Make it easy for customers to submit testimonials by offering various formats like written, video, or social media posts. Cater to their preferences to maximize participation.

Pose simple questions: To elicit meaningful responses, ask open-ended questions that prompt customers to reflect on their journey with your product or service. Focus on their pain points, decision-making process, and overall experience.

Prepare a testimonial page: Showcase your glowing testimonials on a dedicated page on your website. Highlight different aspects of your product or service with each testimonial to appeal to a diverse audience
Ask for referrals: Leverage satisfied customers to expand your network. Inquire if they know anyone who could benefit from your offerings and pivot to a testimonial request if they don’t have referrals to offer.
Link back to their website: Offer to include a backlink to your customer’s website when sharing their testimonial. Not only does this incentivize SEO-savvy customers, but it also enhances your credibility.
Keep it short and sweet: Recognize time constraints by giving customers the option to provide brief testimonials. Whether it’s a Tweet-length review or a couple of emojis, make it easy for them to contribute.
Incorporating customer testimonials into your marketing strategy is essential for building trust and credibility in today’s skeptical landscape. By harnessing the power of social proof, you can turn your existing customers into enthusiastic advocates, fueling your company’s growth and success.