How and Why to be Google Guaranteed

Google Guaranteed

Your business has good SEO, you use Search Engine Marketing, and you have your Google Business Profile up to date and constantly add new photos. But, is your business blessed with “The Google Guarantee”? Probably not, especially if you haven’t heard of it. But what is The Google Guarantee? What does it do? Why does that little green badge make such a difference? And how can your business get The Google Guarantee?

What is The Google Guarantee?

The Google Guarantee is something provided by Google to benefit both businesses and customers. The Google Guarantee is provided by Google’s Local Service Ad program to provide customers with the security of knowing they’re getting top-notch services. There are two types of badges: Google Screened Badge, which will appear as a green check mark, and The Google Guarantee Badge, which is a green circle with a white check mark in it. You’ll only find the Google Screened Badge on service providers such as lawyers/law firms, child care providers, and other such services. You can read more about Google Screen here. Google Guaranteed is for any other business. 

How Do I Get Google Guaranteed?

Both Google Screened and Google Guaranteed involve a background check that Google and Google Partners conduct. This is to make sure that your business has the proper business licenses per your country and state laws. They also run background checks on your employees to make sure that they have their proper licensure, if any is required. They also cros-check with national sex offender, terrorist, or any other US registries. A criminal background check is conducted on the business owner. Your business will also undergo checks for any previous civil litigations. These screenings and background checks are at no charge for the business. For some businesses, a background check is run for any temporary workers or subcontractors that frequently work with your business. You can check here to see the business requirements for your industry in the US.

Why should I get Google Guaranteed?

One of the biggest reasons to get Google Guaranteed is because of local SEO. Through Google Guaranteed, you can begin to use Local Service Ads. Local Service Ads are essentially the paid search ads of local SEO. You can only use Local Service Ads if your business is Google Guaranteed, so going through this process will give you an edge above your competition on the local level.

In addition to opening the door to ads, there is an element of customer security as well. Seeing that green check mark and being told that Google trusts your business in particular, makes customers more likely to trust you. In the US, even voice search informs you if businesses are Google Guaranteed. The green check mark makes a difference.


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