Take your Business to the Next Level with Streaming Audio Advertising

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Streaming music, or streaming audio, is a means of delivering audio material to your device straight from the internet without the need to download files. You’ve probably heard streaming audio if you’ve ever listened to Pandora or downloaded a podcast.

Audio advertising allows you to insert your message programmatically before or during streaming music, news, and podcasts, which is ideal for brands looking to reach a wider audience with their awareness campaigns.

Advertisers need to be where the listeners are. You can incorporate your brand into your audiences’ regular routines in a distraction-free environment with streaming audio ads, delivering a truly customized ad experience based on their interests.

People are listening to digital audio more than ever. Streaming audio advertising has a lot of advantages that make them a great addition to your digital marketing strategy.

Here are some benefits of Streaming Audio Advertising:

Lower costs with in-depth analytics:

Marketers quickly recognize the value of digital advertising in terms of cost-benefit analysis. Brands can be confident that audio ad impressions are reaching the appropriate audience with the right message at the right time thanks to analytics. Producing an audio ad is traditionally less expensive than producing a visual ad, and when compared to traditional radio advertising, programmatic audio advertising is often less expensive while also providing you with trackable data, allowing you to get the most bang for your marketing dollars.

Streaming Audio Advertising has accurate targeting:

The days of broadcasting your message on a radio station in the hopes of reaching your target audience are long gone. With smart audience targeting features like demographic, interest, geolocation, device type, genres, playlists, and more, programmatic audio advertising allows you to reach your exact target audience.

Advertisers may reach consumers on a more personal level using streaming audio advertising. You can target customers not only by demographics and geolocation, but also by their listening habits, previous interactions, favored genres, niches, and so much more. These outstanding targeting capabilities enable you to connect with target consumers on a more personalized level, leaving you with a higher return on investment.

Reach consumers where they are:

With audio advertising, you can engage listeners while they jog, walk, drive, work out, or multitask at home while listening to their favorite stations and podcasts. That’s something that programatic display and video, social, and search can’t achieve. Consumers have to be shown these types of advertising while looking at their screens and televisions throughout the day; streaming audio fills in the gaps when they aren’t looking at their devices but are still listening to music. Traditional radio ads can’t achieve this reach either and rely significantly on reaching consumers while they are in their vehicles. Consumers can listen to streaming audio wherever they are, and your business can take advantage of this.

Highly engaging:

The majority of ads on services like Spotify and Pandora cannot be skipped. This indicates that your advertisement is heard. These platforms have discovered that restricting the number of ads that play in a row increases engagement. It’s a win-win situation for your business because listeners only hear one audio ad at a time, making audio commercials difficult to avoid and easily absorbed.

Reach Podcast listeners:

According E-marketer, an estimated 76.4 million individuals in the United States listen to Podcasts, accounting for 37.3 percent of all streaming audio listeners. Podcasts are an innovative digital advertising tool with strong engagement and brand recall. Plus, the majority of podcast commercials are read by the hosts, making them engaging and relevant. Because this type of advertising is still relatively new and less saturated with ads, now is an excellent moment to take advantage of it before your competitors do.

Even though traditional radio still has a large audience, its numbers are declining. It is safe to say that Streaming Audio Advertising could benefit your business in reaching potential customers and allow you to be intentional with you marketing dollars. Ready to make the switch from traditional radio advertising to streaming audio advertising? Our team at Ascent Digital is ready to help you take your business to the next level!