Why your Business Should be on YouTube

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On YouTube, 5 billion videos are watched every day. Your business could benefit from advertising on YouTube because it is a popular platform for users and the world’s second largest search engine. Here are 5 reasons why your business should be on YouTube.

YouTube is Cost Effective

Advertising on YouTube can help you save money by reducing the amount of money you spend on ads that aren’t being seen by your target audience. You get to pick your own budget and you don’t pay unless a user watches your video the entire 30 seconds or clicks through. Traditional advertisements, such as television advertising, require you to pay up front without knowing whether or not people will respond to them.

YouTube is Highly Targeted

Audience targeting methods

Audience targeting methods let you define who you want to reach. Types of Audience Targeting:

  • Demographic groups such as age, gender, parental status, or household income of the audience you want to reach.
  • Detailed demographics: Users based on additional broad, shared traits, such as college students, homeowners, or new parents.
  • Interests: people interested in certain topics
    • Affinity segments: reach out to those who are already interested in relevant topics.
    • Custom affinity segments:  create audiences that are more tailored to your brand
    • Life events: Reach out to potential consumers during life’s major turning points, such as moving, graduating from college, or getting married.
    • In-market segments: find customers that are actively considering purchasing a service or product similar to yours 
    • Custom segments: reach out to viewers as they’re deciding whether or not to buy something based on keywords they’ve recently searched on Google.
  • Your data segments: After integrating your YouTube channel to your Google Ads account, you can reach additional people across YouTube and Google based on their previous interactions with your videos, video ads, or YouTube channel. People who have interacted with your website or mobile app can also be included in this targeting option.
  • Customer Match: Across YouTube and Google video partners, utilize your first-party online and offline data to reach and re-engage with your customers.
  • Similar segments: a targeting function based on first-party data lists that lets you expand the reach of your best-performing audiences by identifying additional users that share the same characteristics as your data segments or Customer Match segments.

Content Targeting

Content targeting allows you to specify where your ads will appear. These include:

  • Placements: Target channels, videos, apps, websites, or placements within websites. You can, for example, target the entire homepage of a prominent news site or a single high-traffic blog.
  • Topics: Target your video ads to specific topics on YouTube and the Google Display Network. 
  • Keywords: you can show your video ads based on keyword phrases related to a YouTube video, YouTube channel, or type of website that your audience is interested in.
  • Devices: Target users using computers, smart phones, mobile devices, and TV screen devices.

Learn more about YouTube targeting options here.

Less Saturated/Highly Underutilized

Most local small business owners are not utilizing YouTube advertising so it is easy for you to cut through the noise and get a leg up on your competition. Be where they are not and grow your business.

Great for Local Advertising

You can better advertise to your local area by using YouTube. Because you can decide exactly where your ads are shown, this platform is very helpful to small local companies. Age ranges and user interests can be taken into account in addition to geographic location. If you own a local eyeglass shop, for example, you can target only users in your area who are watching how to remove scratches from lenses or eye glass specific videos. Because this is a smaller audience, putting an ad on another platform risks wasting a lot of money advertising to individuals who aren’t interested in what you’re saying.

There is a Large Audience

Because YouTube has such a large user base, it allows small businesses and enterprise organizations alike to reach out to more interested users than ever before.

Ascent Digital offers YouTube Advertising to help your business be prevalent on the worlds second largest search engine. Contact us to learn more.