The Best Web Builders for Small Businesses

We understand that websites are expensive to build and run when done professionally. That’s one of the main reasons why web builders exist- to provide an inexpensive but high-functioning website for someone who can’t afford a professionally designed one. DIY website builders have been around for years, and there are countless these days. But which ones are better suited for portfolios, and which will be great for a small business? Here are the best web builders for your small business to use!

The Criteria

There are a few criteria by which we’re choosing these web builders. For full transparency, they’re listed and explained here:


Obviously, you want your website to function. If your website doesn’t work, there’s no point in having it at all. Not only should it work on the user’s end, but it should be creator-friendly, meaning that you should be able to a) build your website easily and b) make changes to it easily.


It’s been proven that people interact with your website less if it’s not a nice-looking website (that is, professional and modern. The web builder that you choose should provide you with an aesthetically pleasing template selection so that your website is functional and beautiful.


It goes without saying that many small businesses require an E-commerce website. Because of this, it’s important that your web builder has E-commerce capabilities. Some are better than others, so that will definitely factor into our rankings.


Squarespace is one of the most popular web builders out there, and it’s easy to see why. The templates Squarespace offers are absolutely beautiful, and there are hundreds to choose from based on how simple or complex and whether you want a dark or light theme. The functionality of Squarespace is really nice, and it allows you to incorporate Google Analytics and just about any other additional data collector you want. And if you don’t want any, they also have a decently comprehensive analytics page built into their program. You can easily link your social media to your website for easy integration. Be warned, however: Squarespace has a steep learning curve compared to some of the other web builders on this page. But once you get the hang of it, it’s smooth sailing. Squarespace also has a great e-commerce option for those wanting to start their online shopping journey. Lastly, it’s hard to beat the price of the Squarespace platform. With the standard business page only costing $23 a month and Ecommerce capping at $50 a month, you’re hard-pressed to find a better offer for such a high-quality web builder.


Shopify is specifically geared towards E-commerce websites, so if you aren’t an e-commerce business this option won’t be for you. But if you do have an E-commerce component to your website, Shopify is a great option for your site. Shopify has a very robust E-Commerce platform that has everything you need, including it’s own point of sale, shipping discounts, automation possibilities, and even more. It is significantly more expensive than Squarespace on a month-to-month basis (about $330 a month for the most advanced level), but it’s a much more capable E-commerce platform. Shopify is probably the best web builder for those whose entire business is E-commerce.


Wix is one of the web builders that has stood the test of time, and for a good reason. Wix is a great platform with some amazing opportunities for creativity. Wix allows you to run a beautiful website. Their platform is easy to use and comes in around the price of Squarespace, making it a less expensive option on the list. Wix also has one of the better E-Commerce platforms, though not quite as good as Shopify’s. They also have great SEO options for you to help you rank higher, which is a feature that not many web builders emphasize. Sometimes the loading screen isn’t the greatest, though, so be aware that your SEO could be impacted by that. The platform is extremely user-friendly and has virtually unlimited potential for templates and aesthetic capability. Wix is a great choice for small businesses that need a nice website.


Haven’t heard of Zyro? It’s one of the newer web builders on the internet, but it’s quickly making a name for itself. Zyro is a great, simple option for someone that doesn’t want to worry too much about all of the technical aspects of building a website and just wants to get their business out there. They have a pretty good E-Commerce platform as well. If you don’t end up liking the theme that you choose, just make sure to change it before your website goes live, because you won’t be able to afterward. However, with their lowest plan coming in at under $15, the price is absolutely unbeatable for anyone that isn’t too technical about things.

There are a ton of web builder options out there, and it’s important to know that you’re getting your money’s worth. With these four web builders, there’s a great choice for every business owner and their wants and needs. 

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