Streaming TV: Where your ideal customers are watching their favorite shows

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Streaming TV advertising refers to 15 and 30 second commercials that are shown on streaming services like YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Peacock and more.

The advantages of streaming TV advertising are outstanding. Instead of the mass-audience coverage and cost of broadcast TV, this method allows companies to reach highly engaged consumers on a targeted, impression basis. Plus, Streaming TV advertising allows us to track when and where commercials were viewed during a campaign, as well as what type of device they were viewed on. This article highlights the benefits of Streaming TV advertising below.

Better Targeting

Traditional television appeals to anyone who turns on the television, regardless of their demographics. This implies that your ad may not reach the intended audience, making conversions harder to obtain. Streaming TV, on the other hand, makes it simple to tailor your advertisements to your audience’s wants and demographics, while enabling you to mine user-personal data in order to tailor your advertising to your exact target audience. Advertisers no longer need to make broad and frequently wrong assumptions about a target audience, nor are they required to guess about demographics. Streaming TV allows you to target consumers based on keywords, location, demographics, and interests and behaviors, plus custom audiences based on their specific watching patterns from detailed analytics. So not only can you can target a consumer no matter where they are or what they’re viewing, on whatever platform they’re watching it on, but also get insight on what viewers watch and how they act.

Affordable Ads

Streaming TV enables higher levels of efficiency for brands in terms of return on investment (ROI) because rates are based on cost per thousand (CPM) and brands only pay for the actual views and impressions that their ad receives. Whereas traditional television charges are based on ratings and projections. This strategy isn’t ideal because real viewership can vary substantially, resulting in fewer individuals seeing your ad than you anticipated.

Multiple Devices (get in front of people where they are)

Streaming Advertising is available on a variety of devices compared to traditional television which is only on the TV Screen. Smart TVs, cellphones, computers, desktops, tablets, and any other internet-connected device can be used to connect on Streaming TV. As a result, it provides a platform with a variety of options for presenting a brand to its target audiences.

Streaming TV targeting capabilities allow marketers to reach specific populations that they could previously only expect to reach with a wide TV ad plan.

Dynamic Reporting

There are many data points that only Streaming TV advertising can offer to advertisers, such as viewing times to completion rates. To guide future strategies, you can measure and analyze the impact of your Streaming TV initiatives and narrow in on your ideal audience. The following are components you can track within Streaming TV campaigns:

  • Impressions Delivered
  • Clicks & CTR
  • Completed Views
  • Video Completion Rates
  • Device Type
  • Device Make
  • Completion rate by Channel

Having this dynamic reporting is a way better alternative to traditional tv, where they can only gauge how the ad performed from increased traffic on the website after broadcast.

Higher Audience Attentiveness

Every commercial break on television ensures five minutes of advertisements filled with multiple advertisers. Usually, viewers take this time to run to the kitchen or a bathroom break, or even change the channel and surf until the commercial break is over. Advertisements on Streaming TV, on the other hand, are substantially shorter and are typically displayed in breaks of 90-seconds to two-minutes. This can help consumers recall advertisements because they watch them all the way through and it’s not as saturated with many advertisers. This is a far better approach for both the consumer and the advertiser. It’s more engaging for the viewer, and brands can rest assured that their advertisements will be seen and customers are not bombarded with messages all at once.

Customers Interact with your Ads

Streaming TV advertising allows viewers to click on links and complete surveys within the commercials, as well as open a new tab to look for a specific product or service. The amount of involvement offered by these commercials equates to a clearer, shorter path to conversions for advertisers. Viewers of network television advertising are only able to view the ad and maybe look up your business later on, but not guaranteed.

There is no doubt that Streaming TV is a powerful way to advertise especially compared to traditional television ads. Ready to launch your business on Streaming TV platforms? Ascent Digital is here to put you there.