Meet Ben Sorensen, Our Fearless Leader

Ben Sorensen is the President of Ascent Digital and he’s darn good at it too. Ben is originally from Parker, Colorado, but he considers Durango his home. He was drawn into Durango by Fort Lewis College Football. He never looked back after falling in love with the area as most students do. Since then, he’s established himself in Durango, with a wonderful family and great company behind him.

Ben started Ascent in hopes of providing customizable digital marketing to cater to the specific needs of different businesses. He knows that each business is unique, and not all can thrive with the same cookie-cutter options every other business has. He operates his company and life by the motto: Givers Gain. Ben lives to help others, and in digital marketing specifically, he loves helping and watching businesses thrive and grow.  Something he aims to improve in the digital marketing world is programmatic b2b targeting. The best piece of professional advice that Ben has received and implemented in his work is that you can’t be everything to everyone. Focus on the people and clients who value what you do and overdeliver. He finds motivation in making an impact in people’s lives, including the lives of his beloved employees.

Some of Ben’s favorite things might surprise you (they certainly surprised me). Western movies are his favorite genre, and he loves the Joe Rogan and Borrell & Associates podcasts. His favorite books include Wild at Heart, Extreme Ownership, Can’t Hurt Me, and The Gift of Struggle. His favorite meal is steak and potatoes, and his favorite things to do while not at work are outdoor activities with his family. He specifically enjoys hunting, fishing, and camping. But most of all, Ben is most excited about Christmas! 

In just under a year, Ben has built a company culture that fosters positivity and creativity, where employees are happy to come to work every day and pour into their work and clients. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more passionate and caring person to work with and work for.