Ascent Digital has an immediate need for a part-time videographer. A videographer in commercial video production is responsible for capturing high-quality video footage for various promotional and marketing purposes. They work closely with clients, producers, and other team members to understand the project requirements and deliver visually appealing content that aligns with the client’s objectives. Here is a comprehensive job description for a videographer in commercial video production:

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Camera Operation: Operate professional video cameras, ensuring proper framing, focus, exposure, and composition to capture high-quality footage. Familiarity with different camera systems and their features is essential.
  2. Equipment Setup: Set up and maintain camera equipment, including cameras, lenses, tripods, stabilizers, lighting, and audio equipment. Ensure all equipment is in good working condition and troubleshoot any technical issues that may arise during the shoot.
  3. Shot Planning and Composition: Collaborate with the director and production team to plan shots, determine camera angles, and create visually compelling compositions that effectively convey the intended message and brand identity.
  4. Lighting: Understand and implement proper lighting techniques to enhance the visual appeal of the shots. Knowledge of lighting equipment, including continuous lighting, strobes, and modifiers, is important to create the desired ambiance and mood.
  5. Sound Recording: Capture high-quality audio using microphones and other sound recording equipment. Pay attention to detail and minimize background noise to ensure clear and professional audio recordings.
  6. Post-Production: Transfer and organize footage, ensuring proper file management and data backup. Collaborate with the editing team to provide input on shot selection, transitions, visual effects, and color grading to achieve the desired look and feel of the final video.
  7. Creativity and Innovation: Stay up to date with the latest video production trends, techniques, and technologies. Continuously seek ways to enhance the visual storytelling and bring fresh ideas to the table to create engaging and impactful content.
  8. Time Management: Efficiently manage time and meet project deadlines. Ensure smooth operation during shoots by coordinating with the production team and maintaining a productive workflow.
  9. Client Collaboration: Work closely with clients to understand their vision, objectives, and requirements for the video project. Communicate effectively to provide updates, address concerns, and incorporate feedback throughout the production process.
  10. Problem Solving: Troubleshoot technical issues during shoots and propose solutions. Adapt to changing circumstances, such as location constraints or weather conditions, to ensure the successful completion of the project.
  11. Collaboration and Teamwork: Collaborate effectively with the production team, including directors, producers, cinematographers, and editors, to bring the creative vision to life. Communicate and coordinate with team members to ensure a smooth workflow and achieve a cohesive final product.
  12. Professionalism: Maintain a professional demeanor and appearance while interacting with clients, talent, and crew members. Uphold ethical standards and respect copyright laws and intellectual property rights.

This job description provides a broad overview of the responsibilities and skills required for a videographer in commercial video production. Specific requirements may vary depending on the company, project, and industry.

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • B.A. in Production, Multimedia journalism, Marketing, or any other related field
  • 3-4 years of industry related videographer experience
  • Excellent communication and customer service skills
  • Understanding of video production best practices
  • Familiar and daily use of online channels, especially social media
  • Proficient with Adobe Products, Artlist, and Fiverr
  • Comfortable meeting clients at their place of business
  • Strong work ethic and highly motivated to win
  • The ability to work independently
  • Extroverted and social nature
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills

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