How is a Landing Page Different Than a Website?

You already know the importance of a website for your business. To say that a business needs a website is obviously not a new or groundbreaking revelation. But what you may not have known is what a landing page is or its importance within your digital presence. 

Your website is undeniably important, and it’s your comprehensive online presence, with multiple pages, plenty of information, lots of relevant details, most likely your menu of products or services, and ways to get in touch with you. Your website increases your brand exposure, and establishes you as legitimate, and it’s even a way to convey your voice and values. It’s your cornerstone, your foundation for future marketing and sales efforts. 

While a great website will definitely increase your growth in awareness, consideration, and even conversion, many businesses may lose potential customers out of their sales funnel because our websites aren’t often engineered and designed to convert. Yes, we may sell products on our site, or we may encourage a form fill or a phone call, but the site has many different purposes. Our websites can’t be hyper-focused on conversion because we need to let you know about our business, what our services are, how to get in touch with us, etc. 

This is where a landing page comes in. A landing page is a standalone page that is designed for a specific objective. One call to action. One, hyper-focused goal, usually filling out a form for lead generation or actually converting a sale. When the page’s goal is to convert a sale, keep in mind that the page is focused on only one offer or product. So while you may sell a multitude of services or products on your website, the landing page might be designed around a specific campaign created to promote your best-seller.

Different marketing goals require different campaigns, so let’s imagine a funnel designed around generating new leads. The first time a touch point occurs with your customer is with an ad targeted to your audience on social media. This ad is very “to the point”. It may be as simple as the following: [Pain Point]??? Let us help! We are the best at that because [value proposition]!!!

When this ad is clicked, the journey takes us to a landing page. The landing page will include five key elements: 

  • An engaging hero – this is the first image across the top of the page, the first thing your user sees. 
  • A simple, clear, unique selling proposition. In 5 seconds, the visitor should know why you can solve their problem. 
  • Compelling benefits – what does it look like when you solve the user’s problem? What makes you the best choice?
  • Testimonials (If available) – Reassurance that this is the right choice to make.
  • A strong, crystal clear call to action. – This is the coveted button, like “submit” or “buy now”. Don’t be afraid to get clever and label your button as a solution to the pain point – “Make my life easier” or “Save me from …”

Because Landing pages are so singularly focused, the analytics you get from it will be straightforward. It is usually either converting or it isn’t. (Many services allow for A/B testing of different designs. Some will even automatically direct traffic to the page that has the best conversion rate. The variations should be similar, but you can tweak the aesthetic, images, or even the copy a bit and really determine what works. This is another landing page benefit. 

It’s worth pointing out that because of the low-cost of landing pages, you can create multiple separate pages for different offers or CTAs. 

So while a website is absolutely necessary in providing comprehensive information, increasing your brand exposure, and even some lead generation or selling, your business may find added success in considering a landing page to complement your online presence with a hyper-focused call to action. The landing page falls into the full funnel strategy in which all of your online elements are working together. 

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