Device ID Targeting will make a huge impact on your business

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What is Device ID?

Device ID is a specific code assigned to each and every mobile device in the world. Mobile phones provide an in-depth look at user behaviors, frequently visited areas, home, work, hobbies, interests, and other factors.

Device ID (DID) targeting is a geo-fencing product that enables you to target devices that have previously visited a specific location.

You can use Device ID Targeting to target current customers who have previously visited your business location as well as prospective customers who have previously visited your competitor’s or associated locations. We can look back up to 12 months and collect data from devices in your chosen locations to help you narrow down your exact target audience for all of your digital campaigns.

Because a person’s mobile device is with them the majority of the time, device IDs provide more accurate and reliable information. There are no cookies required to use the data obtained from devices in a specific location in other digital campaigns to ensure we target the right customers.


Benefits of Device ID Targeting:

Reach consumers at the right time and in the right place.

By targeting people who were at your business, a competitor’s location, or an area that is relevant to your business and where your ideal consumer would be, Device ID Targeting promotes engagement and boosts conversions.

Retarget direct consumers with Device ID Targeting.

A direct consumer is someone who has already visited your business or a competitor’s location and should be retargeted. If a company does not collect contact information from customers, Device ID Targeting can assist them in reengaging with past customers and keep your company top of mind for returning customers.

Benefit from conquest visitor targeting.

If someone has visited your competitor’s location, you already know they are interested in your services. If they become familiar with your brand and have had a negative experience with your competitor, they may then become a potential customer. 

Target a radius around your business location.

 Customers within a certain radius of your organization could be targeted at certain times of day. For example, a coffee shop might serve ads to consumers nearby from 6am-12pm to increase foot traffic to their location.

Target consumers in relevant locations.

Device ID can also be used to serve advertisements or collect data from relevant locations to your business where your ideal consumer is likely to be. For example, a sports merchandiser would benefit from targeting sports complexes, gyms, fields, and golf courses in the area because that is where their ideal customer would be.

Target devices at events.

You can use Device ID Targeting at events related to your business to get in front a large amount of people that may be interested in your services. An example would be a lumber company might serve ads to devices that attended a homebuilders conference to build brand awareness with contractors.

Device ID Targeting is a powerful way to get in front of your target audience. We are experienced strategists at Ascent Digital who can use this type of targeting to make a significant impact on your business. Give us a call today, and we’ll put together the best digital marketing strategies to help your company grow.