Best Free Link-Building Tactics For Your Website

Link Building Tactics


One of the best ways to do off-site SEO is link building. Putting links to various pages of your website around the internet is a great way to improve your SEO. The more links to your website that are on the internet, the more your website will get crawled and indexed, and the more information SERPs have on your website and thus your business. However, you can’t just throw your link on any website and expect instant results. Some websites are higher quality and have better reputations, and will help your SEO more than lower-quality websites. Knowing how and where to build links is the art of link-building. Here are some tactics that can help you improve your link-building game and improve your off-site SEO. 


Chances are, you have some sort of social media, and you probably use multiple platforms. This is a great way to build links on high-quality websites. Be sure to include a link to your website on every social media platform you use: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit; the list goes on. If you make a YouTube video or Facebook post about a blog you wrote, include the link to that specific page in the caption of the post. You should also include links back to those accounts on your website as well, this is called cross-pollination and it’s a super easy link-building tactic that you have total control over.  

Make an Infographic

This is also a content marketing tactic that we briefly covered in this post about content marketing, but this is also a super helpful link-building tactic. If you find a particularly plain blog post from someone else’s website that seems to be somewhat number-heavy, you can easily turn it into an infographic. Canva is a user-friendly design tool that is easy to learn and has a lot of capabilities on the free version. You can easily make infographics, Canva even has templates for them to get you started if you’re not design-savvy. After you’ve created an infographic for the information, go back to the blog post and write a comment that includes your infographic and a link to your website. This tactic is a great way to get started on building links outside of what you can do personally.

Comment Helpful Information on Other Blogs

A great way to begin to build a good reputation in your industry is to leave helpful comments on the blog posts of other businesses in your industry. If you have a relevant blog post on your own website, you can link that as well. You can do one of two comments: you can add more information to the post in your comment, or you can respond to someone else’s question if you know the answer. Make sure when commenting on other blogs that you’re not just saying “great work” or giving a thumbs up, that won’t add value to the blog. Add some valuable insight to the blog, including an anecdote or personal experience would be a great personal touch for a comment. It also grabs the attention of the blogger and begins to open the door to collaborations.

Reach Out to Fellow Bloggers

Don’t immediately send them a link to your website. If you’re sending an outreach email or dm to a fellow blogger, it means that you want to develop a good relationship with them, which could potentially lead to a lot of different opportunities. The first email should not include any links. Just reach out, tell them how much you like their content, and maybe ask for their opinion on a blog post or infographic design. Again, don’t send anything to them until they’ve agreed, and definitely don’t ask them to feature any infographics you’ve made on their blogs or website until you have a decent relationship established with them. 

Be a Guest Blogger

Once you have a good relationship with another blog, they might offer to have you as a guest blogger. This is a fantastic link-building tactic that will really help your off-site SEO, especially if the website and blog you’re writing for are reputable and high-quality. Include in that blog post links to your own website and content. Make sure to write about something you’re extremely knowledgeable about, rather than something in your field that you may not have as much expertise on. If the blog you write for has a social media presence, they’ll also likely plug your information, including your website, on their socials when you post your blog, which further increases your off-site link building. Be sure to thank the blog on your social media and your own personal website to show your appreciation, it will definitely come in handy in the future.

Invite a Guest Blogger to Your Blog

Not only can you be invited to be a guest blogger, but having a guest blogger write for your blog works in just about the same way. Make sure that they’re a high-quality blogger from a good business/website in order to get the best possible link-building. Post about them on social media, and thank them for being a guest blogger on your website. Just like when you’re a guest blogger, they’ll most likely thank you on their own social media and website. This allows you to have easy content marketing for a week, and build an even better relationship with this business.

Send out a Newsletter

Sending out a newsletter may be something you’re already doing, and that’s great! You’re already halfway through this tactic! However, you’re probably not using your newsletter to its fullest potential. Having links to your website from email inboxes does still count as link-building, and a pretty effective method at that. Not only does a newsletter increase the backlinks to your website, but it will also help with website traffic, which is probably the main reason you send out newsletters. Newsletter design isn’t the topic of today, but if you’re wanting some help, HubSpot has a great article here that has everything you need! 


Off-site SEO is, at least in my opinion, the most intimidating form of SEO, because it’s often the one you have the least amount of control over. However, you can have some control over it, in ways you may not have expected. These are all relatively easy, but some of them do take time and a lot of commitment. That’s just the nature of SEO, it doesn’t happen overnight. But that shouldn’t deter you from the idea, because you’ll have a better impact over time. Keep these tactics up, and you’ll build a great network of links for crawling.

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